Make something special, Special.

Being creative is our Bourke Street bread and butter. But it’s more than presentations and pitches, we’re a group of people with different skills and talents, with ideas that might not be on the client brief, but might just be brilliant. Introducing, Make Starter, an initiative designed to help Special people, do their thing. Whether it’s a lifelong dream or something dreamt up in the pub, we’ve got the cash, contacts and capacity to help. So, if you’ve got an idea, submit it below. Because whatever you want to make.

We want to make it happen. 


Get in the running

Are you reading carefully? Then we’ll begin. Simply fill the form below, attach your idea and voila! You’re in the running. How you present your idea is completely up to you, all we want to know is a) what you want to make, b) who you want to make it with, and c) why it matters. 

And we’re off...

The shortlisted entries will then be turned into buttoned up business proposals. If this is where you’re thinking, “I can’t do that!”, no dramas, we’ll give you a mentor and the tools to make it happen. The Make Starter Team will select finalists and ‘production’ will start in 2017.