To drive awareness that Uber Eats delivers Macca’s direct to your door, we launched a brand new menu item, exclusive to Uber Eats - the Apple Pie McFlurry. A genius combination of Hot Apple Pie & Caramel Sundae, together at last.

Macca’s fans love to create their own ‘secret menu’ combos, and 1 in 4 McDonald’s Apple Pies ordered on Uber Eats is accompanied by a Sundae. So our social campaign teased the imminent arrival of a new mystery combo, driving some of our strongest social engagement to date. After the big reveal fans had a week to order one before anyone else through the app.

The product launch generated 223 pieces of media coverage, including national TV & US media. 23,786 Apple Pie McFlurrys were purchased in 6 days; that’s double the total McFlurry sales in the previous week, making it the #1 Macca’s product sold. McDonald’s sales saw a 20% uplift on launch day and we increased Macca’s awareness on Uber Eats by 5%. We added over 2000 new eaters on the app and over 7000 new to McDonald’s.