Our first ‘make-starter’ innovation unveiled at the B&T awards last night.

With the help of Nakatomi, we backed the idea of Creatives Jack and Nils to find a way to make advertising award shows even more exciting. Tipsy is a free event-based tipping app that lets you pick winners in each award category. Users enter their selections at the start of the night, then follow the results throughout via a live leaderboard. Making every category fun for everyone at the event and everyone not so fortunate to be there in person. It had its first run at the B&T awards, with Chris Howatson, CEO of CHE Proximity, taking home $1,000 cash after correctly guessing the winners from 17 of 35 categories.

Tipsy is now available for all future live events and award shows, beyond just the advertising industry. If you’re interested in having Tipsy at your event or award show, please contact cheers@tipsyapp.com.au

You can also download the Tipsy app at: