Uber ‘See You Soon’

Having held a monopoly over the Australian rideshare market for years, Uber were suddenly faced with an influx of copycat competitors who were aggressively undercutting them. Rather than get into a tit-for-tat price war, we decided to lean in on something these new smaller players couldn’t compete on: reliably knowing that when you book a ride, you won’t be left stranded.

The idea was to own a beautifully simple, everyday articulation of this - the phrase ‘see you soon’. A little promise we all make unknowingly, but one that’s important when every minute counts. Three words said every day by people of all ages, life stages or situations. We knew this was a powerful sentiment that perfectly expressed how people feel about the reliability of the Uber app.


Real-Time Pick Up Posters

Nothing matters more than pick up time in the world of ridesharing. So, we took Uber’s app API containing all the data that predicted rides and fed them into over 400 outdoor sites across Australia – showcasing the real pick up times from that spot. A simple and powerful reminder of Uber’s offering.